Tax and Customs Law

The firm acts in Tax and Customs Law areas since its foundation. The origin of this work is the professional experience of Anderson Stefani, the partner responsible for the area. Anderson has more than 13 years of experience also in the area of Tax and Customs Law, with experience also in international commerce and corporate operations. In his academic background, Anderson Stefani is post-graduated in Tax Law by GVLaw and post-graduated in International Tax Law by the University of Barcelona, in Spain, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Tax Law.

Tax Law

In tax advisory area, the firm guides its clients in relation to taxes levied on their activities, provides clarifications on legislative changes and advises them on tax issues associated with their business.

The firm also acts in the attendance to the inspections, presenting and exposing the necessary clarifications.

In tax litigation area, the firm represents its clients in administrative and judicial procedures referring to the enforceability and collection of taxes.

These are some representative activities of the firm’s recent practice:

- Representation and assistance to clients in inspection proceedings before the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil, State and Municipal Public Treasuries.

- Analysis and planning of taxation in mergers and acquisitions.

- Analysis and planning of taxation in economic group, associated to the corporate reorganization and succession planning.

- Performance in administrative and judicial defense in state proceedings of ICMS.

- Acting in administrative and judicial defense in proceedings of federal taxes, especially in IPRJ, IRPF, PIS, COFINS and IPI.

- Writ of mandamus to obtain tax regularity certificate and emission of electronic invoice.

- General advice in tax matters for the client’s business.

- Judicial discussion on the constitutionality/ legality of the incidence of certain taxes on clients’ activities.

Customs Law

The firm assists and guides its clients at the legal aspects related to import and export proceedings, including compliance with inspections.

In litigation, the firm acts in administrative and judicial processes dealing with customs matters.

The following activities are highlighted in the recent practice of the firm:

- Representation of a client in inspection proceedings before the Customs authority and ANVISA.

- Assistance in the provision of information and clarifications before consenting bodies of the Import Licensing (ANVISA, MAPA, DECEX, INMETRO, etc.).

- Writ of mandamus for the analysis and approval of import licenses.

- Writ of mandamus for the continuity of customs clearance.

- Administrative and judicial defense in proceedings with application of the penalty of loss due to accusation of concealment of the real acquirer.

- Administrative and judicial defense in proceedings resulting from accusation of under-billing.

- Analysis and opinion elaboration on the most appropriate tax classification for products.

- Administrative and judicial defense in proceedings resulting from error accusations in customs classification.

- Disputes in the application of trade remedies.

- Requests for reduction on temporary and definitive basis increase of import tax rate.

- Assistance and counsel on legal matters related to import proceedings (direct, on order and on account and order) and export.

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