Dispute Resolution

The firm has a long standing and highly regarded experience in resolving business disputes involving a wide variety of issues and industries. The arbitration area has its leadership shared by partners Rabih Nasser and Sergio Zahr Filho, who personally dedicate themselves to the cases, with the support of other members of the team. The litigation area is led by partner Sergio Zahr Filho, who continuously dedicates himself to this specialty since 1998. In these two areas, the firm’s work stands out by the deep comprehension and dedication to the case, proximity to the client, attention to the strategy at each step of the procedure and continuous review of the possible outcomes to pursue the best results for the client.


The firm performs in national and international arbitrations before the main Arbitral Chambers. The firm also acts in the homologation of international arbitration awards before the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

Among the arbitrations in which the firm was recently involved, there should be mentioned questions related to international contracts, corporate disputes, civil construction/ engineering and mergers and acquisitions.

These are some representative disputes recently performed by the firm:

Optical companies litigating over payments and obligations related to agreement of purchase and sale of shares;

Angolan company and Brazilian company of the food industry contesting about international distribution agreement;

Brazilian highway concessionary company and international group litigating about operation for the acquisition of shares;

Partners of a marketing agency in conflict about the dissolution of the company and asset accounting;

Dispute between shareholders of a large corporate group of the infrastructure sector;

Contractor and assembler contesting about enterprise contract for the construction and assembling of an engineering system in the mining industry;

Constructor and incorporator litigating about the construction of a large real estate enterprise;

Conflict between a logistic operator and seller of asset in this sector arising from an acquisition contract;

Conflict between shareholders and managers of a group of the lease administration arising from investment contracts and acquisition of shareholder interest;

Award homologation procedure before the STJ involving a foreign company and an international organization, arising from a concession contract.


The firm acts in judicial disputes involving civil and business matters and judicial recovery and bankruptcy.

The firm’s performance in judicial litigation is wide and diversified, going from simpler questions of the daily routine of the companies, such as consumers’ demands, to more complex questions, such as corporate disputes.

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The firm also acts in large credit recoveries. These are some representative cases recently performed by the firm:

- Insured and insurer in conflict about an insurance contract concerning a large-scale exportation;

- Large credit recovery of a stock broker against investors of the futures market of BM&F-BOVESPA;

- A commercial representation company disputing against a company of the telecommunication sector;

- Corporate dispute between partners of a company of the clothing market;

- Corporate dispute between shareholders of a large business group;

- Representation of a highway concessionary company involved in action for annulment of arbitral award;

- Representation of a foreign creditor involved in a judicial recovery process of a company of the mining sector;

- Representation of a foreign creditor bank for the seizure of ship offered in guarantee of an financial operation;

- Representation of a ship owner before national shipping agent contracted by the ship charterer

- Representation of trading companies concerning the recovery of credits granted to Brazilian importers;

- Representation of a foreign company to cancel a trademark registration by a Brazilian company at INPI (Brazilian PTO);

- Dispute between a constructor and a large supplier at the system ERP;

- Representation of developer and construction company in disputes related to this sector.