International Trade

The firm acts in the International Trade area since the year 2000. The origin of this work is the professional and academic experience of partner Rabih Nasser, master and PhD in International Law. Rabih Nasser is also a professor of Arbitration and International Trade Law at Escola de Direito de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV Direito SP).

“This well-regarded corporate and general business law practice regularly assists clients in anti-dumping investigations concerning foreign imports and requests for tariff alterations. Also has experience advising on WTO, trade customs and import licensing matters.” – CHAMBERS LATIN AMERICA, 2017 “Nasser Sociedade de Advogados’ name partner Rabih Nasser is seen as pre-eminent practitioner with a wealth of expertise representing clients in domestic and international trade remedies and WTO trade-related matters.” – WHO’S WHO LEGAL, 2016

The firm’s experience can be divided in the following areas:

(i) Trade remedies:

assistance in investigations for the application of antidumping duties, compensatory measures and safeguards;

(ii) International Contracts:

counseling in negotiation and execution of contracts involving international sale of goods and services;

(iii) Commercial Negotiations:

monitoring of commercial and investment agreements signed or negotiated by Brazil, in order to better advise our clients’ strategies;

(iv) Customs Matters

assistance in import and export operations, including administrative and judicial measures in matters as customs classification, tariff changes, import licensing, tax assesments and others.

Trade Remedies

These are some countries of origin and industries of clients represented by the firm:


Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, India, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, United States of America.


Alcoholic beverages, Chemical, Machinery and electrical equipment, Shoes, Fruits and vegetables, Glass and glass works, Household items, Photographic and cinematographic products Plastics, Rubber and tires.

The firm performed in more than 30 investigations of trade defense. These are some recent cases:

PET films

– Anti-dumping investigation on imports from Bahrain and Peru. The firm represented a Peruvian producer/ exporter and a Brazilian importer. The investigation ended without the application of anti-dumping duty.

Tires for buses and trucks (TBR)

– Anti-dumping investigation on imports from South Korea, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Russia and Chinese Taipei. The firm represented a South Korean producer/ exporter who obtained the lowest anti-dumping duty.

Biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP)

– Anti-dumping investigation on imports from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, India and Chinese Taipei. The firm represented four exporting companies and one Brazilian importer. The investigation ended without application of anti-dumping duties.

Passenger car tires (PCR)

– Anti-dumping investigation against imports from South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and Ukraine. The firm represented one of the South Korean producers/ exporters.

Vinyl Polychloride Resin (PVC-S)

– Antidumping investigation (sunset review) on imports from United States of America and Mexico. The firm represented a North American producing/exporting company.

Automotive glasses

– Antidumping investigation on imports from China and Mexico.

Polyurethane (PU) Laminates

– Anti-dumping investigation on imports from China.

Agricultural Tires

– Anti-dumping investigation on imports from China.

Glassware for table

– Review of anti-dumping duty on imports from Argentina, China and Indonesia.

Customs Matters

- Clients’ representation in proceedings before customs’ authorities and ANVISA.

- Assistance in the provision of information and clarification before import licensing bodies (ANVISA, MAPA, DECEX, INMETRO, etc.).

- Judicial measures related to import licensing and customs clearance.

- Administrative and judicial defense in tax proceedings with the application of loss penalty and others.

- Review and assistance on the most appropriate tax classification in the import of certain products.

- Litigation related to the application of trade remedies.

- Requests for reduction or increase, on a temporary or definitive basis, of import tax.

- Counseling on legal matters related to import and export proceedings.

Trade Negotiations

- Monitoring of negotiations of trade and investment agreements to guide the clients’ strategy.

- Counseling on preferences and benefits conferred by trade agreements.

International Contracts

- Drafting and negotiation of international contracts, including:

- International purchase and sale contracts;

- Distribution contracts, agency and other forms of comercial collaboration;

- Guarantee agreements;

- Ancillary agreements in trade or corporate relations, such as exclusivity and confidentiality agreements;

- Shareholder agreements;

- Consulting contracts and provision of services in general;

- Partnership and joint venture agreements.

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