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World Environment Day

Maria Isabel Lima, Marcela Matheus and Marina Marouelli

Since our founding, we have been committed to environmental preservation and the promotion of sustainable practices, keeping a close eye on environmental issues. We recognize the vital importance of a healthy environment for social and economic well-being. On June 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day, a date established by the United Nations (UN) in 1972, following the approval of the Resolution No. 2994 by the General Assembly.

This Resolution refers to the United Nations Conference about the Human Environment (or the Stockholm Conference), which took place in the same year and was a milestone in the global debate on environmental discussions, permanently incorporating environmental concerns into the international community’s agenda.

The date represents the commitment made by member-countries to annually carry out activities worldwide to “reaffirm concern for the preservation and appreciation of the environment, in order to deepen environmental awareness”. In 2024, the central theme of World Environment Day will be “the restoration of lands, desertification and drought resilience”, with a United Nations event hosted by Saudi Arabia.

In Brazil, Decree No. 86.028/1981 established that the first week of June is dedicated to celebrating National Environment Week to “promote national community participation in the preservation of the country’s cultural heritage.” In São Paulo, besides activities such as tree planting, debates, and seminars, the State Government announced the launch of a package of actions for the climate resilience of municipalities on June 5th.

For this year, there are 2.652 events and global actions registered with the UN for World Environment Day.

Environment Week and World Environment Day are important instruments for strengthening collective awareness about the need to protect natural resources. To effectively ensure the preservation, improvement and recovery of environmental quality, as well as sustainable socioeconomic development, actions (individuals and collectives) must be accompanied by public policies designed for the environment and environmental education.

Mindful of environmental discussions and new national and global challenges, our office has had, since 2018, an area dedicated to Environmental Law that aims to support and assist our clients, whether individuals or companies, with preventive and corrective actions to ensure environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to Environmental Law is not just a professional responsibility but also a fundamental conviction that it is our duty to protect and preserve the environment for present and future generations.

The Environmental Law Team at Nasser Advogados is at disposal to assist and clarify any doubts.


Maria Isabel Lima 



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