Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Within our Environmental Law practice we provide multidisciplinary support to clients in order for them to meet legal requirements and comply with environmental standards, with the planning of precautionary programs for companies of all sectors and sizes, and we represent clients in administrative and judicial proceedings. Our services include both the prevention and the correction of non-conformities, aiming at complying with the environmental legislation, and representing our clients before the competent authorities.

Consulting: Legal chapters of environmental studies, due diligence and environmental consultancy for the purchase and sale of properties, management of contaminated areas;

Litigation: Administrative defenses in relation to environmental fines, negotiation and monitoring of commitments with environmental agencies and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Regulatory: Licenses, authorizations and permits from public bodies and environmental licensing.

Regularization of environmental liabilities: Deforestation, Permanent Preservation Areas, Legal Reserves, Conservation Units and Source Protection Areas

Some of the main activities in the area are:

  • Monitoring of environmental legislative changes;


  • Consultancy on the New Forest Code, Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), and implementation of the Environmental Regularization Program (PRA);


  • Consultancy on environmental liabilities (Deforestation, Permanent Preservation Areas, Legal Reserves, Conservation Units and Protection of Water Sources);


  • Consultancy on licenses for products controlled by the Civil Police and the Federal Police;


  • Consultancy on environmental aspects for the installation of solar energy generation and distribution projects;


  • Legal assistance to large-scale industry in the management of contaminated areas in the state of São Paulo;


  • Assistance in environmental licensing of projects before CETESB;


  • Assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Movement of Waste of Environmental Interest (CADRI) for a client in the graphic and healthcare sectors;


  • Consultancy on the National Solid Waste Policy and implementation of packaging reverse logistics systems;


  • Chapters on environmental aspects in audits (due diligence) for the transportation and logistics sector;


  • Development of a guide for tire reverse logistics and recycling and consultancy for importers in the sector.


  • Consultancy and administrative defenses for national and foreign clients from various industrial sectors, such as defense, chemical, printing, and plastics industries.


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