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Marina Takitani 


11 3854-9100 

Master’s Degree in Economics.
São Paulo School of Economics – Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV/EESP), Brazil


International Trade Formation Program.
Brazilian Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organization and Other Economic Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland.


Bachelor’s Degree in Law.
São Paulo School of Law – Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV-SP), Brazil.


Minor Degree in International Relations.
School of Social Sciences – Getulio Vargas Foundation (CPDOC), Brazil.


Academic Exchange, focused on International Law.
New York University School of Law (NYU School of Law), USA.

TAKITANI, M.Y.; GOLDBAUM, S.; MARÇAL, E.F. Is China a Market Economy? An Assessment Based on the Brazilian Antidumping Experience. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Economia), Escola de Economia de São Paulo – Fundação Getulio Vargas, 2021.


NASSER, R.; SATO, N.S.; TAKITANI, M.Y. Comércio internacional em tempos de pandemia. In: CARVALHOSA, M.C.; KUYVEN, F. (Org.) Impactos Jurídicos e Econômicos da Covid-19.  1ed. São Paulo: Thomson Reuters Brasil 2020.


TAKITANI, M.Y. Uma análise do acordo entre Estados Unidos e China e de suas consequências para o Brasil. Revista de Direito do Comércio Internacional (RDCI), v. 3, p. 203-230, 2020.


NASSER, R.; TAKITANI, M.Y. Direito e Relações Internacionais na Constituição de 1988. In: PORTO ARAUJO, L.N.; CORRÊA, A.E. (Org.) Ensaios sobre a Constituição de 1988. 1ed. São Paulo: Editora Liber Ars., 2019, p. 455-477.


TAKITANI, M.Y. Uma análise das principais mudanças trazidas pelo Decreto nº 10.044/2019 (O novo Decreto da Camex). Revista de Direito do Comércio Internacional (RDCI), v. 2, p. 233-262, 2019.


SANCHEZ BADIN, M.R.; TAKITANI, M.Y. Are ISO/IEC Rules the Odds Out of the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement? In: AMARAL JÚNIOR, A.; OLIVEIRA, L.M.; CARNEIRO, C.L. (Org.) The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: A Developing Country Perspective. 1ed. Suíça: Springer International Publish, 2019, p. 127-144.


TAKITANI, M.Y. Is the Sequencing Issue in the WTO Finally Resolved? A comprehensive Analysis of the Sequencing Issue in Light of the US-Tuna II Case. Journal of International Trade and Arbitration Law (JITAL), v. 8, p. 27-82, 2019.


NASSER, R.; SATO, N.S.; TAKITANI, M.Y. What is Brazil Bringing to the Table? Dispute Prevention and Resolution under the Brazilian Agreements on Cooperation and Facilitation of Investments (ACFI). Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 2017. Disponível em


NASSER, R.; TAKITANI, M.Y. Homologação de Sentença Arbitral Estrangeira Anulada na Sede. Revista de Arbitragem e Mediação, v. 53, p. 29-46, 2017.


SANCHEZ BADIN, M.R.; TAKITANI, M.Y. Um estranho no ninho? Padrões privados no Acordo de Barreiras Técnicas o Comércio da OMC. Revista de Direito Internacional (RDI), v. 13, p. 192-210, 2017.


TAKITANI, M.Y. The WTO and Renewable Energy: An Environmentally Friendly World Trade Organization? I Concurso de Artigos em Comércio Internacional, Cátedra OMC no Brasil, 2016.

Portuguese, English and Spanish.

  • Acts in the advisory and litigation segments of the International Trade area, having experience with the conduction of trade remedy processes (antidumping, safeguards and public interest assessments) in Brazil and Peru, tariff alteration proceedings, processes of licensing and conformity assessment before the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), support in import and export operations, international negotiations, and international contracts.


  • Experience in the advisory and litigation segments of the competition/antitrust area, having experience with the filing of merger’s notifications before the Administrative Council of Competition Defense (CADE), administrative processes and inquiries for the investigation of violations to the economic order and consultancy regarding competition matters.


  • Acts in the advisory segment of the business law area, having experience with the coordination of due diligences, M&A operations, structuring of business compliance policies and projects of diverse business consultancy.


  • Acts in the International area, having experience with the preparation of legal opinions and memorandum regarding international law topics.


  • Experience in the dispute resolution area, having experience with international arbitrations.


  • Co-Coordinator of the International Trade Law Journal (Revista de Direito do Comércio Internacional – RDCI)


  • Is a member of the Women Inside Trade (WIT) network, having acted as a mentor in the WIT Mentoring Program.


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